30 Days of Gratitude: Day 8 – Books

A door to different worlds.

Day 8Books are an amazing resource. On a practical level, they are tangible tools used to archive and share information that can be pasted down through the ages. In a deeper sense, they transport the mind to different universes and enwrap us in tales of fantasy and wonder. When in tune to a great book, you leave the living world and get lost somewhere in your brain. You forget about your worries to focus on the characters in the book, and yet when its done, we learn something about ourselves.

I am grateful for Scott Pilgrim.
This series follows Scott, an early 20’s lovable idiot as he struggles to find a balance between relationships, friends, band, and life. It’s first issue was released in 2004 and by it’s final volume in 2010, Scott Pilgrim was a pop culture phenomenon. With a movie and video game, which were both great as stand alone productions, the series was widely successful.

Maybe it was the strong present of music or the constant video game references, but this series resonated with me instantly. Scott’s efforts to transition into adulthood was extremely relatable because, that the time, all I wanted to do was make music and play video games too. His journey kept me burning through pages and eagerly awaiting the next issue.

Like I said before, I was completely immersed in the world of Scott Pilgrim but now, years after turning the final page, I realize the true value of the books were the lessons I kept. I learned that it’s okay be scared of growing up and amount of responsibilities that comes with it. That I will mess up and my victories will be messy too. But if I stay true to myself, face every battle with bravery, and do things with my heart in it, then I’ll do just fine.

Scott 2.jpg

It just takes practice.


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