30 Day of Gratitude: Day 7 – Memory

A far-off memory that’s like a scattered dream.

Day 7 Memories are some of the most valuable human treasures. These intangible photographs link emotions and sensory feelings through time to take us back to a part of our past. Never knowing when they’ll be created, yet instantly enjoyable once they are.

I am grateful for my Costa Rica trip memories.
IMG_0694.JPGIn January of 2016, I went to Costa Rica as part of an Adventure Education course for my university. Our itinerary was jam packed with zip-lining, surfing, canyoning, yoga, and white water rafting. For many of them, like rafting and surfing, it was my first time trying them. That alone made them memorerable, but the environment and people of Costa Rica contributed greatly to the memory.

While all the activities were awesome, what I remember most from the experience was the sense of bliss I achieved there. Something about the beautiful, laid-back country of Costa Rica and the amazing, unique people that were on the trip with me created the environment for me to thrive. I was funny, in a good mood, social, adventurous, and most importantly, I was happy. For one of the only times in my life, I felt comfortable with myself and that I belonged. It’s a rare feeling that I’m still chasing to this game.


Pura Vida.


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