30 Days of Gratitude: Day 6 -Nature

Love the beauty of Mother Earth.

Day 6I have a deep appreciation and respect for nature. I believe that nature plays a key role in aligning yourself with inner knowledge. After all, it is the great supplier! All of our foods and materials that support our life come from nature. Even the very air in our breath is provided by the earth and our environment. 

Gratitude for nature is an important virtue during this day and age. For the last few decades people, companies, and corporations violated our environment, carelessness or some times deliberately. Global warning, pollution, over-fishing, and other harmful practices has left our planet in a sad and declining state. There’s a good chance that our world many be depleted of several aspects of nature within a few short years.

The truth is dark and hard to swallow, but true none the less. However, through gratitude for nature, we can make a difference. When you take time to unplug and surround yourself in the wilderness, you grow an appreciation for nature. Appreciation would make us would to preserve the environment, for our enjoyment and to benefit the generations after us. Thankfulness is the road to a new found perspective of world around us that will help us reverse the negative effects we’ve had on nature.

I am grateful for forrest.

Something about being secluded in a forrest makes me internally calm. It’s as if I leave my troubles behind along with the hustle and bustle of civilization when entering the isolation of the woods, bringing me to a higher state of mental clarity. Also, being surrounded by trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants is literally being surrounded by life. The strong life vibrations of the flora and fauna resonate with our vibrations, positively effecting our mental and spiritual selves.


Where do you feel most natural?


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