30 Days of Gratitude: Day 5 – Sound

My gratitude has no limits.

Day 5.jpegI love sound. I have from a young age even if I didn’t know it back then. I would love cartoon characters with unique voices and try to recreate them. As I grew, I picked up instruments and self-taught myself guitar. Into my late teens, I discovered music production and audio engineering and instantly knew that was the career path for me. Recently, during my final year in college, I discovered sound design for film and television and fell in love again.

I am grateful for sound.
From the sweet, familiar sound of my favorite bands to the calming, therapeutic noise of the ocean, I love sound. So much so that I am planning a life and career around it. As a musician, it is my main form of creative express, an outlet for raw feelings and exploration. For a lifetime of enjoyment, I am eternally grateful for sound.

I also firmly believe that sound has connects to a higher spiritual state. We’re made out particulars that scientists discovered act like frequencies. All sound has frequencies which can resonate to the particular frequency we’re on. This is why we cling to certain songs that stay in our mind like an addiction. When our lives change and we grow into a new frequency, those songs that helped us fade into our memory and we find new music to match our vibes. Yet, our old favorite tunes stay in a special place in our heart, because they remind us of a frequency we use to exist in.

We’re all just frequencies. 

If you share an interest in sound too, check out my second blog all about sound, music, and audio technology. soundideablog.wordpress.com 



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