30 Days of Gratitude: Day 4 – Food

Be grateful for what fuels you.

Day 4.jpegFood is an easy thing to be grateful for. Considering that our bodies literally need it to function and that we traditionally eat 3 or more times a day, food is always appreciated. We look forward to our next meal with great anticipation, thrive from the feeling of a full stomach, and eagerly plan out our favorite foods. Odds are that when you’re biting into that first spoonful of goodness to satisfy your hunger, your mind and body giving thanks involuntarily. 

I am grateful for fruit!
The food that we consume fuels our every cell. For that reason, I’m very mindful about what I ingest. I want a body full of life and energy so fruits are a large part of my diet. From breakfast to midday snacks, I love grabbing fruit to fill me up. The best thing about them is the variety of fruits available! There are the common ones; like apples, bananas, and oranges; to the tropical like pineapples, mangos, and kiwis; and even the exotic like starfruit, guava, and passion fruit. There’s so many options in one food group!


The earth’s bounty is my life source. 


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