30 Days of Gratitude: Day 3 – Color

Drawing from my well of experiences for gratitude.

Day 3I might not be the most qualified person to ask for color, but I’ve witnessed both sides of the spectrum for those who experience color. On one side, is my colorblind father and I’ve seen the effects that the absences of color has on his perspective. On the other, is my sister, who’s an artist. I notice how she perceives color with a heighten attention to detail and how she can appreciate it on a higher level.

I understand that color is a vital part of the human sensory experience. Our eyes are the tools we see to see the world around and how we see through them affects our immediate perception of visual information we pick up. I have an idea of what life is like without it and an understanding that there is more to appreciate than I currently do. This not only makes me grateful, but also keeps me yarning to discover more value in colors.

I am grateful for the color blue.

Lately, I have been naturally appreciating blue more and more so it’s about time I address it. Blue represent the changes of seasons to warmer weather. New Jersey’s winters aren’t the worst, but it’s definitely not comfortable for me and after long months of bitter cold, winter takes its tool on me. So I learn to enjoy the late winter and early spring as time of positive change. The sky becomes bluer on beautifully warm days, or at least it seems so, which cause me to spend more time outside. Living by the beach, I also associate calm, blue waters with warm weathers. For all this, I love blue.

Throat Chakra.pngIt is also the color that represents our fifth charka, the throat charka. The center of communication, our throat charkas control how we express ourselves. Clear communication has been a difficult skill for me to master, or even grasp a hold on. This charka and the color blue has been the focus of many of my recent mediations.

Long Branch Beach

What are the colors that paint your life?


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