30 Days of Gratitude: Day 2 -Technology

Gratitude in abundance!

Day 2Technology is all around us. Our cars that get us to works, the refrigerator that maintains our food supply, the bulbs that light our homes, even the device you read this on is all technology. It’s constant assistance has allowed the human race to achieve so many things with unlimited potentials still left to accomplish. It’s about time I appreciate technology!

gamer.jpgThere’s truly an abundance of things to be grateful for. Of course, my mind jumped to video games as my item of gratitude, which is no surprise. My favorite hobby is to sit in front of a T.V. screen with controller in hand getting lost in other virtual universes, living countless separate lives as plumbers, space rangers, and young valiant heroes. But that got me to thinking. . . wouldn’t I then be grateful for the television? After all, it is an essential part of the gaming experience.

That was followed by a similar train of thought that led me from computer chips to smart phones to modern medicine , causing me to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. That’s what makes this 30 Days of Gratitude so rewarding. The realization that there are countless things to thank.

I am grateful for music technology.
I’m a musician before anything else and I love ever aspect of music. I enjoy listening to tunes, analyzing compositions, playing guitar, singing, dancing, and all the other wonderful things music brings. Music technology is want allows use to share that with another. Using microphones, cables, instruments, and recording softwares lets us to record, produce, and share music with the world.

For me, music technology is my creative outlet. It gives me the power of an orchestra at my fingertips. I make the music that is always inside me and create a tangible produce to show others.


My life is one big musical composition, can you hear it?


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