30 Days of Gratitude: Day 1 – Smell


We often neglect our sense of smell.

day-1Unless we come across a foul oder or a delicious meal, we sometimes forget that our nose are constantly working. With each inhale, we receive aromas from the world around us. Everything, from people to places, has a scent that are either distinct and unique or familiar and welcoming. Regardless of pleasantness or repulsiveness, a strong whiff can stop us in our tracks and send our minds elsewhere.

I am grateful for the smell of the sea.
When the wind blows and carries the smell of sea salt, ocean water, and beach sand into my nose, I feel at ease. A smell that’s so pleasant and familiar to me, that it reminds me of relaxation, good times, and bliss.


I hope where ever I go, the wind will carry that smell to me.


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