Welcome travelers! I am on an adventure of self discovery and existential knowledge. Join me to explore our human and spiritual selves. The destination isn’t the point.

We may discover the greatest secrets of life like the meaning of life, how the universe started, or why the human race exists! Or we may have more humble findings like what makes you happy, how to appreciate our lives, or how to enjoy things more.

Either way, isn’t it worth the journey?

Spiritual Huas is my personal blog to archive and share spiritual experiences. An environment for knowledge, truth, discovery, and awakening.

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This is my personal travel journal.

Recently, I’ve started a journey of immense change. An expedition so ambitious and rewarding that it will most likely take a life time. This adventure will take me far to the corners of the world, to the wide potential of space, and to the limits of my perceptions of the human experience.

My spiritual self has awaken with a spark of enlightenment. The experience was a glimpse of clarity and bliss that was both within myself and the world around me. Since then, I have chased knowledge on the self and the structure of our universe.

Spiritual Huas will chronicle my journey connecting to my inner self and explorations of the spiritual self.

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Spirituality is communal by design; we can all experience it.

I would love to hear about your experiences or suggestions on topics to explore and discuss.

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